Main facts

Suspension of International Flights

Considering the capacity of Quarantine Centers, The Government of New Caledonia has asked to suspend all international flights to New Caledonia, from Friday 20 March, 12 am.

Repatriation of New Caledonian Residents
  • A Repatriation Plan for New Caledonians stuck overseas is jointly being built by New Caledonia’s international actors (Government, Provinces, Customary Senate, Congress, Economic, Social and Environmental Council). It could start as early as next week.
  • 1 096 New Caledonians identified overseas, including 400 in France, wish to be included in this repatriation plan, which has two objectives: bring New Caledonians home while ensuring maximal protection for all New Caledonians.
  • The repatriation of New Caledonian residents will operate according to a selection process. Priority will be given to medical personnel, at risk people (notably those suffering from medical conditions), people in proven financial difficulty, and people with expiring visas.
  • Depending on their situation, these people will be placed under quarantine at hotels, the Koutio Quarantine Centre or at home.
  • People who have a place to stay and are not facing an emergency are invited to remain where they are.
To get more information, they can, ONLY IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY:
– call +687 207 714, 24 hours a day,
– contact the closest French Embassy (contact details available at
– Their loved ones can call 05 05 05, 24 hours a day.

New Caledonian residents currently overseas are invited to make themselves known by filling the form available through the following link:

Each passenger desiring to board a flight to New Caledonia must produce a medical certificate established less than 3 days before their departure date, and attesting that they are in good health.

NON-RESIDENT TRAVELERS ARRIVED IN NEW CALEDONIA AS OF THURSDAY 19 MARCH AT 4 PM :  strict 14 day quarantine in hotels specifically requisitioned for that purpose


  • No exit from the place of quarantine will be authorized during the whole stay (no tourist visits, no travel on the Loyalty islands…)
  • Travelers who stay less than 14 days can leave New Caledonia on the desired date upon presentation of their modified plane ticket.
  • Travelers in quarantine at their hotel should not leave their room.
The government of New Caledonia provides that anyone who does not respect these quarantine measures will be forced to pay a fine of 90,000 francs per offense.

Thank you for your cooperation so that all together we can make a barrier to the coronavirus in New Caledonia.

Situation 1

If you have a fever AND a cough or a fever AND difficulty breathing: call 15 immediately

Situation 2

If during the 14 day period one of these symptoms appears (fever OR cough OR breathing difficulties):

  • Protect your loved ones by keeping your distance (1 m minimum).
    Wear a surgical mask if possible
  • If a second symptom appears within the three day monitoring period,
    dial 15 immediately

Situation 3

If no symptom appeared during the 14 day period, you are no longer at risk of having been infected during your travels

As of Thursday 19 March at 4 pm, all passengers arriving at La Tontouta  International Airport, without exception (residents and non-residents), will be placed under a strict 14 day quarantine in hotels specifically requisitioned for that purpose.

Passengers who arrived at La Tontouta International Airport from Tuesday 17 March and were subjected to a 14 day self-quarantine (home isolation) period must stay home until the end of the aforementioned period.

From Tuesday 17 March, all arriving passengers at La Tontouta Airport, who do not show any symptom, are placed in self-quarantine (home isolation) for 14 days. People who disregard this order are subjected to a 90 000 XPF fine. Controls will be put in place, in collaboration with French authorities and City Councils.

Passengers who are showing symptoms (cough and fever) will be placed in isolated rooms at the Médipôle (local hospital) until their detection test returns negative. Passengers seated close to the potentially ill passenger on the plane will be placed in quarantine at the International Center for Sports and Expertise (CISE). The quarantine will end if the detection test comes back negative.

Since 16 March 2020, the arrival of cruise ships in New Caledonia has been indefinitely suspended.

In collaboration with French Authorities the Government has decided to designate a single New Caledonian point of entry, in Nouméa, for pleasure boats.

The Government has decided to forbid the arrival of people who aimed to participate in manifestations or activities (sporting, cultural, educational, religious, customary events, etc.).

The Government is preparing to suspend all flights, except those to and from France, to maintain a minimal connection (for medicines, basic necessities, etc.).

As soon as the first case has been confirmed, the Government will forbid all gatherings and manifestations and will close nurseries, schools, tertiary education institutions and entertainment venues (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, nakamals, etc.).

The Government has decided to continue to monitor the health of commercial ship passengers (ore carriers, container ships, etc.)  48 hours and 1 hour before their arrival, without authorizing sailors to disembark.